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Terry Petrovick has been with his girlfriend and wife for 40 years, he is a father to two wonderful children and grandfather to amazing grandsons. He lives in Creedmoor, NC, out in the country, he doesn't have neighbors, he has chickens 🤣.

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Lessons in The Smart(phone) Video Course to Grow Your Brand and Business:

  1. 1 Welcome to The Smart(phone) Video Course

    Objective: Welcome, here what you can expect.

  2. 2 Video Marketing Trends That Will Shock You Into Action

    Objective: Understand the future of marketing

  3. 3 Is Your Online Footprint Attracting OR Chasing Your Best Prospects Away?

    Objective: The importance of a consistent brand

  4. 4 What is Attraction Marketing and Why Is It Important?

    Objective: Learn how to attract your ideal prospects

  5. 5 How to Create Video Confidence and Connect With Paying Clients

    Objective: Learn the secrets to be confident when shooting a video.

  6. 6 What Video Equipment Do You Need to Look Like a Pro?

    Objective: How to get started with your smartphone and go from there

  7. 7 7 Proven Types of Video Animations to Grow Your Business

    Objective: How to add a professional flare to your videos.

  8. 8 How to Create High Converting Client Testimonial Videos

    Objective: The importance of social proof using testimonial videos

  9. 9 The 7 Common Smartphone Video Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Objective: Avoiding these will make you look good.

  10. 10 Putting your Marketing Masterpiece Together - Editing & Polishing

    Objective: How to add professional touches to your videos

Lessons in 30 minute coaching session :

  1. 1 What to Expect

    Objective: 30 minute session to get your questions answered

Lessons in 60 minute coaching session:

  1. 1 What to Expect

    Objective: 60 minute session to get your questions answered

About Terry Petrovick

Software, starting at IBM
An entrepreneur for 25+ yrs
Passionate Online Marketer, Trainer, and Coach
President of 1st Video-Based Toastmasters Club
1 Million+ views on YouTube
Founder of TeamWOW Media

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